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Medical and Anatomy Art in my perspective

Chiropractic Anatomy Art

                             Vertebrae Anatomy Art

I bring my own thoughts and perspective, of course. In the last year, at least, I began to feel more and more
in love with abstract art.
This had somewhat of an influence on my work, by realizing that by painting the form of an anatomical organ, I can still add my own abstract elements, colors, shapes to create an original and unique painting.
I did this with watercolor and mixed media and some digital elements,
but now, as I am turning to oil painting, the colors, and brush
strokes will bring out something new. I will release some of these painting in the near future, because
I believe the color, the anatomy, the forms will bring new
life to medical offices. I believe, that seeing anatomical art in medical offices is a
wonderful thing for practitioners but for patients as well.
They can get to know some parts of their body, be conscious about them,
but also be attracted by the art, be curious about them. Art that will distract them,
make them think,
and be a comfort for them, while sitting in the waiting room. I wholeheartedly believe that these paintings can achieve that.

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