Welcome! MedPapers was established at the end of 2015. 


Andrea P. Toth creates watercolour and mixed-media paintings that explore the world of anatomy, histology and the clinical field of medicine.

Andrea is a medical doctor with a residency in surgery. After spending a couple of years in Hungary for residency, she moved to Czech Republic and started her journey as an artist.

She pivoted a few times during her career and finds that neither the career in medicine nor in other fields should be linear. Life is short, find some moments of joy.



My artwork is a re-envisioning of anatomy, exploring my emotional response to colour, shapes, and the intersection of medicine with art.

Painting humbles me every day. But it is an activity that brings me in flow. I discovered the sense of flow as a child and kept that feeling stored inside me, chasing it ever since.

My colours, my marks convey energy, mystery, and powerful emotions.

I love to draw with my children, I am inspired by my walks in nature and I love short city trips, visiting museums. I love reading all kinds of books, but biographies must be an all time favourite. I have a special interest in all books related to death, dying and the dead body. :-)