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Welcome! MedPapers was established at the end of 2015 after our small family moved to a foreign country.

I am an MD. Becoming expats had its complications. While learning a new language to pursue and continue my career in medicine and raising my small daughters I started pursuing another passion of mine: paper. 

Painting anatomical watercolors came naturally because of the artistic background of my family. 

I am grateful and excited to know, that my artwork is now in medical practices, hospitals all around the world. Thank you for your continuous support! I appreciate it.

All prints are printed using archival inks on fine art paper, meant to last for 200 or more years.

The past pandemic year has made shipping a bit more difficult, so I decided to outsource the printing to companies closer to you, in the US and AU. It was important to find the same fine art papers I use, and printing method. I am happy to have been working with these people for almost a year now, making it possible for you to have your prints in a couple of days (usually 3), after they are shipped.