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Why I Love Being an Anatomy Artist

            Spine Abstract Anatomy Art

Art is something I must do, I must return to.

Taking a long break from making art is very hard on my mind. I feel all over the place, with every thought tangled in my mind. I need art to untangle my mind, my emotions, and my thoughts as other people need meditation, therapy, a workout, a drink...

I love art, because it requires all your focus, to constantly improve, it requires me to be present, conscious with your colors and brushes, lines, everything. Just like any surgery. Yes, art may not change people's lives just as directly as surgery, but art enriches every aspect of our life. Every artist maneuvers its instruments differently, just as two surgeons will not operate the same way.

Every artist has different life experiences, obviously, just as we analyze every thought and happening in our lives in other ways. So, the art we produce will usually and hopefully differ from one another.

Anatomy art is a way for me to represent what I studied, what I saw every day during surgeries, by adding my touch to it. I am not nor will I ever be Netter, I am not exactly an illustrator, but I love art and love anatomy, and frankly I love seeing my journey and the influence of the phases of my life on the work I do.

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