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Morning Routine


I don't know anybody other than my friend interested in my morning routine, but in case it helps someone start his or her own, I consider this a success.

I always had a morning routine, since I was always an early riser. I would wake up to cram in some studying after I observed that rising and studying from 4 am onward is what best stuck in my mind and had my most successful exams after this. Studying in the evening meant that I would just forget it.

After starting residency, my wake up time remained btw 4-5 am, and I would always work out and write my list for the day. For the hospital, and for personal stuff. I would look up and write down notes on surgeries I was to perform that day, important labs and dg meths I was to ask for patients, but also things I needed to take care of after work.

After having a child though things changed. I started struggling with insomnia, so waking and starting the day at 3 am was the new normal. I would work out, drink a ton of coffee and study a bit. I started incorporating journaling before my second daughter was born I attribute a big part to this practice and to short meditations in having experienced no postnatal depression (my mindset changed around motherhood. I started taking things easy and accepting help. Of course, I don't have any clue what actually changed in my hormone levels) but it was also a huge help with insomnia. I would really urge everybody to take just 10-15 min a few times a week to just write.

You could do this per the Artist's way rec: just write 3 pages. Anything. In one of my IG posts, I talked about this exact thing. I write my thoughts, my feelings, why am I feeling what I am feeling, my to-do list, my goals and how I might accomplish these. You see, when you sleep through the night and wake up rested you can think. You can think about the future, about your wishes for it, about goals. That was a kind of morning when I had a clear mind, and I like to make use of it. When I have a 3 am wake up call, my mind is just too foggy. I lose sight of my goals, I only loosely follow my to-do list. I am in survival mode.

Starting my morning with a workout and with journaling is truly what sets the mood for the day. I hope you enjoy your mornings and find some time to take just calm yourself down. If that means waking up 15 min earlier, so be it. Go to bed earlier and forget about stuff that doesn't move you forward. There is always the weekend or your day off for Netflix.

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